To maintain your pool between regular services

Your pool professional should attend your pool regularly, depending on the pool and the immediate environment – trees that shed a considerable amount of debris into the water would mean more regular attention to the pool, for example.

You may also have a personal preference to have the pool looked after entirely by a qualified person, freeing you up from the time and work involved in keeping it clear and safe.

For the ‘average’ client, we recommend as a general rule that you follow these instructions on at least a weekly basis in the summer months, perhaps every four weeks in the winter:

  • Empty skimmer basket and ensure cleaner (if applicable) is properly connected to the vac’ plate and valve is free of debris.
  • Empty pump basket (lint basket).
  • Ensure that the valve reading on the filter is between 80/100Kpa at the maximum. 50/80Kpa is desirable.
  • If the pressure is higher back-wash and rinse as usual.
  • Use a quality test kit to measure the pool water for chlorine and pH.
  • If you run a salt-water pool then the salinity level should be checked to meet the specification of the chlorinator manufacture, usually between 4500/5000ppm. This is critical to the proper operation of the unit
  • If you run a system that doses the pool with chlorine and/or acid then make sure that the containers have a good supply of chemical.

If you follow these guidelines between services then all should be well but if in doubt, call your pool professional…particularly during the summer months where pools can go green within days if conditions are not kept just right.

Ian J Oliver

PS. Click here to download this guide as a one-page PDF.